About Me

vacuuming my swimming pool
I am cleaning the bottom of my swimming pool with a manual vacuum.

Hi, my name is John Berry and above ground pools have been something me and my family have enjoyed now for more than 10 years.

I have had experience with the smallest and lowest price swimming pools such as Intex and now own a 24 foot round metal pool with a Sta-Rite sand filter and high powered pump for water circulation and filtration.

I have tried several various forms of sanitation including salt with a salt chlorinator, bleach and chlorine tablets. 


Form 2016-2018 I was using the bleach method to sanitize my swimming pool. This is one of the least expensive ways to keep your pool crystal clear all season long. The main reason I left it was the issue I had with being home every night. This system works best with a daily chlorine check and adding just a little bleach or liquid chlorine each night. It isn’t that hard to do, but when I was working away from home multiple days it wasn’t my best option.


In 2018 I was running my pool simply using a chlorine floater and adding chlorine tablets to it once per week and shocking the pool regularly.


Then I changed my method again in 2019.  I added an automatic chlorinator to my swimming pool that holds up to 9 pounds of chlorine tablets.  I am still currently using this system for chlorination of the pool.


After more than a decade of pool care, I have used salt, bleach, chlorine tablets in various methods to sanitize my pools water.  All three did a great job and it comes down to preference and budget.

I built this site to help others that were like me many years ago in the dark trying to determine the best way to maintain my pool and keep it clean with the least amount of effort.

Swimming is a great leisure pass-time that me and my family enjoy.  I hope to help others find some great tips and advice that I have learned so they too can have an enjoyable swimming experience.


The most important thing for any swimming pool owner is having a system, schedule and plan before, during and after your swimming season.

Once you have developed a system that works, you will be able to master your swimming pools needs and spend less time working on your pool and more time enjoying a swim.

Thank you for visiting my site and I wish you well on your swimming pool adventures.


I have been as mentioned above an avid above ground swimming pool owner. I have decided to add a Softub to my collection.

A Softub is different than a standard hard style hot tub. It requires no expensive electrician to hook up wiring. It plugs into any 110-Volt standard wall outlet. It even has its own GFCI protection on the plug to shut it off should it detect any type of a short.

The one I bought is the smallest they offer and only has enough room for 1 or 2 people and doesn’t have any room for much movement.

It does however have a nice, relaxing and enjoyable soak at the end of a long day or before one begins.

I now will be sharing information to help others with a Softub as well as my above ground swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if you have the size I do, or one for up to 6 people. The information should be similar.

By the way, the Softub is amazing! As winter approaches and you close your swimming pool. A hot water retreat is an amazing way to enjoy outdoors all year long.

John Berry