Easy Automated Vacuum

The Xtreme Power US Vacuum being held up next to the above ground pool.

From keeping your pools water crystal clear to keeping the bottom of the pool from being covered in debris, both are equally as important if you want to enjoy a swim and impress your guests with a beautifully clean pool from the surface to the bottom.

Not only will the pool itself impress them, take this automatic vacuum out and show them how you did it – they will be even more impressed!

Automated Suction Vacuum

The Xtreme Power US Vacuum is easy to setup and use to start maintaining the bottom of your pool regularly and more often than before. All you have to do is connect the hoses, drop the unit in the water, hook it to your skimmer and the cleaning begins – automatically.

I bought this vacuum for my pool in the month of May 2020 and it has been a complete game changer when it comes to cleaning my pool. Before I had this vacuum I would have to pull out the heavy long hose, connect it to vacuum head, pole and spend an hour sometimes in the heat slowly vacuuming the bottom.

Sure, you can jump in the pool during this process to cool down, but you risk stirring the up the debris that is laying on the bottom, not to mention the hour of time you lost and will never be able to get back.

Ease of Setup

The setup is a breeze. The unit arrives with several hoses that are all about 3 feet long. This allows you to connect as few or as many as you wish to get the length desired to vacuum the your entire pool – or just a small portion of it.

These short hoses are also a big changer! No more trying to roll up a 24 foot hose, all you have to do is disconnect the 3 foot hoses one by one and store them away in a container. Reconnect them during your next use.


I was thoroughly impressed with how well it works. When it makes a path it completely cleans the bottom. Now if you have algae or something that is sticky and stuck to the pool floor, you still may need to brush it first. Then let it settle and start the process.

It does at times go over the same path frequently, but by chance of “random”, plug it up and let it run 2 to 3 hours once or twice a week and you will notice that it will pick up the majority of the leaves and dirt that lay on the bottom.

You can adjust the pressure to allow the vacuum to gain or reduce suction. This also will slow and speed up the vacuuming process. This adjustment will be different for some pools and designs than others. After a few uses, you will find the setting that works best for your pool.


I have’t had many issues with it at all. I do have a ladder and it has been prone to getting stuck from the way that the hose goes between the ladder and the side walls, but other than that it has worked extremely well.

To keep it from getting stuck you can add some chlorine bottles filled with sand in the area you receive this issue to make a barricade for it to flow around or change to pressure of the vacuum to try and reduce this from occurring. Of course, if possible and for the best results, remove the ladder and issue solved.

My Final Thoughts

It is an inexpensive way to automate some of the cleaning process for a swimming pool. Since I have been using it my wife and family have said on more than one occasion that the pool is so much cleaner.

We have always had our pool vacuumed at least once per week, but I think using this automated vacuum it stirs up less debris on the bottom. This makes it much cleaner than if you are manually vacuuming your pool y hand.

I definitely recommend it for anyone. It works with my above ground pool and would be a great addition for any pool owner that wants to streamline the cleaning process.

For complete details visit Xtreme Power US Automated vacuum and reduce the workload and improve your pool cleaning experience too.