What Are The Best Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets – In The Swim 3 Inch Tablets

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If you are using chlorine tablets as your sanitation method when operating your swimming pool, not all tablets are equal. Some will only have 80% or less chlorine, others dissolve too quickly requiring more tablets to be added per week.

In The Swim 3″ Inch Chlorine Tablets are perfect for any size of swimming pool and I order a bucket at the beginning of each season. That allows me to have no worries about running out and sometimes I may even have a few left over. This is also perfectly fine, since these tablets are individually wrapped, they will last during the off season with no issues.

Benefits Of In The Swim

  • Each 8 ounce tablet is individually wrapped. I have seen and heard of a few people complain about this and the hassle it is to open each tablet instead of simply grabbing them out of the bucket. I however prefer a bucket of individually wrapped tablets. They stay fresher and if moisture or weather gets inside the bucket they don’t get ruinned.
  • 90% Chlorine – This is important as some chlorine tablets you buy will have only 70% – 80% chlorine. This means you will be adding more tablets to obtain the same sanitizing levels which will ultimately cost more money.
  • 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione
  • Available in 10 LB, 25 LB, 50 LB and 100 LB buckets.

When purchasing your tablets especially before, or at the beginning of the season I recommend trying to buy the amount you will need for the full year. This will save you money and reduce the stress of purchasing tablets mid-season.

I purchased a 50 LB supply the last 2 years at the beginning of each season and both times they lasted the entire season for my 24 foot round above ground pool. Depending on how long your swimming season is, the size of your pool and the kind of weather mother nature brings during the summer will affect how many tablets you will use.

Fits Chlorine Floaters And Automatic Chlorinators

These tablets are the perfect size for chlorine floaters or automatic chlorinators. They also dissolve at a controlled rate so as not to waste any of the tablet from to fast consumption in the pool water.

During the beginning of a swimming season you will need to only add tablets about once per week. Unless the temperature of your water becomes excessively warm, this rate of chlorine addition should be able to be maintained all season. Occasionally 1 tablet being added mid week might be necessary.

How Much Should I Order?

Here is a good estimate on how many tablets you may need based on your swimming pool water capacity. This is only an estimate. The tablets are individually sealed and never expire. Order more than you should need and you will be set and have some leftover to start the next season.

Gallons# Tablets Per WeekPurchase Size
Under 10,0001 -225 LB Bucket
10,001 – 20,0002 -350 LB Bucket
20,001+3 – 5100 LB Bucket

These tablets are a great choice in illuminating algae, bacteria and are UV resistant. If you would like to stock up for the season click below to get your supply of chlorine tablets for the entire season.

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