Can You Sit On The Side Of A Softub?

A Softub is primarily designed for therapy goers and relaxers to enjoy the heated water while being submerged in the water. The jets can be turned on to help soothe many parts of the body and bring enjoyment to their day.

However, sometimes you may begin to feel a little overheated and need to bring part of your upper body out of the heated water to cool down. When you feel like your body is getting too hot, this is a good idea as being submerged under hot water for too long, isn’t recommended.

This does bring up a question some Softub owners have, and that is can they sit on the side of the Softub?

It is perfectly fine to sit on the side of a Softub and allow your legs to wade in the heated water. This can actually help your legs if they need some hydrotherapy as well while allowing your upper body to cool down in a breeze if you have been fully submerged underwater for a lengthy time.

Sitting On The Edge Of Softub While In Use

Man sitting on the edge of the Softub.  Legs wading in the heated water.

A person can safely sit on the edge of the Softub while enjoying it knee-deep, without harming it. This is a great and fun way to visit friends and family that are getting their hydrotherapy, while you may not feel the need or desire to be completely submerged at the same time.

You can also sit on the edge while keeping all of your body out of the Softub on the outside as well when it is in use and while visiting with others that are using it.

Softub’s Are Built Tough

There are several inches of padding around an entire Softub and this allows for it to be very versatile, the padding has benefits.

Benefits Of The Softub Padding

  • It allows the water to remain hot for an extended period of time without the continuous need for the pump to run. This is extremely true when the cover is on and the Softub is not in use. It is used as insulation around the entire unit. You could also think of it as a thermal mug. It is designed to keep the liquid inside warm for a long time.
  • Sitting on the top edge while dangling feet, legs, and toes in the heated pool will is safe and will not harm the Softub. While the most common time someone will be sitting on the edges of the Softub, they’ll also have their legs submerged in the water, this isn’t always the case.
  • Another use could be simply for visiting with the person in the Softub while not wanting to join them in the water, or helping them get in or out of the water if needed. In this instance, the person will sit on the edge while having their legs and feet touch the ground outside of the unit, or hang if they are unable to completely touch the ground.

As always for toddlers and young kids, sitting on the edge could allow them to accidentally fall completely inside the Softub. Sitting on the edge for children should be prohibited unless under adult supervision.

Sitting On The Softub With Cover On

While the edge of the Softub can be used for a person’s bottom while using the Softub as designed, if the cover has been placed over the unit it is not being used and is not designed for anyone to sit or stand on it.

While it should still not harm the Softub if you are sitting directly on the edge, while the cover is on, at this stage we do not recommend doing so. Below we’ll list the primary reasons when the unit is covered, it should not be sat on.

Why It’s Not Recommend To SIt On Softub While Covered

  • Stress to the Softub cover can cause it to become damaged. Softub covers are designed to prevent heat from escaping and are not for heavy people to sit on.
  • If it became a hangout spot for friends and several of them began to use it as a sitting spot, the cover could begin to warp from the weight of the people and also can cause damage to the cover.
  • If someone begins to sit closer to the center of the cover, rather than on the edge, there is no support for the cover and weight can cause the cover to start to bend, or even cave in breaking the cover or even injuring bystanders. If the Softub is locked with the straps on all four corners, this is unlikely to occur, but still not recommended.

As with anything, it is designed for a particular use. While sitting on the side of the Softub while covered, probably will cause little to no major damage or issues, it is best practice to avoid using it as a seat when not in use, and instead provide chairs nearby that can be used.

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