How Long Will It Take To Fill A Softub With Water?

When it comes to relaxing in a Softub, it takes a little time to get it setup so that it can be enjoyed by you and your family. After you have placed it on a level location close enough to a 110-Volt power source, you will need to fill it up with water.

This can take a small amount of time to fill up based on your water pressure and the size of Softub you own. There are three different sizes including the 140, 220 and 300 gallon models.

It will take approximately 16 minutes for the 140 gallon, 25 minutes for the 220 gallon and 33 minutes for the 300 gallon Softub to completely fill with water. This is based on a water flow rate of 9 gallons per minute and will vary slightly based on your hoses water pressure.

A Softub does not take nearly as long as a swimming pool would too fill with water and generally speaking you will be able to have it filled up in under an hour even with a slower water pressure rating.

Sportster 140

Time to fill: 12 to 28 minutes

This is the smallest option that they offer and is perfect for 1 to 2 person use only. Any more than that and you will begin to become overcrowded.

This one hold 140 gallons of water and will be the quickest one to fill. Even if you have the slowest water pressure around 5 gallons per minute, expect this to be completely filled in less than 30 minutes.

Legend 220

Time to fill: 19 to 44 minutes

For a bit of bigger family, or someone that wants some more stretching room, this is one size bigger than the sportster and will fit up to 4 people at once.

It holds 220 gallons of water, but still can be completely filled in very little time.

While this one shows a fill time possible of 19 minutes, that will be for people that have water pressure of a rate of 12 gallons per minute. The average time to fill this one sits at around 25 minutes.

Resort 300

Time to fill: 24 to 60 minutes

You won’t have to leave anyone out when you get in this Softub. Fit up to 6 adults, even more if there are kids joining it.

This unit hold 300 gallons of water and of course takes the longest to fill, but even so – it can be filled within 1 hour no matter what the speed and water pressure you have available for your water hose.

Most people can expect it take about half an hour. There will be a few that have it filled in less than 30 minutes, while those with slower water pressure will take slightly longer.

Steps To Filling Your Softub

Now that you know approximately how long you can expect it take to get your Softub filled with water. Here are a few important steps you should follow before, during and after the fill process

Place Softub On A Level Ground

Before adding water be sure you have the perfect place selected to locate your Softub. You will need a level and smooth ground so that it will fills up evenly.

You can place it on concrete, grass, sand or even dirt. I do recommend you avoid placing it in areas that have a lot of rocks, sticks or debris that may puncture the bottom. While the bottom is quite thick, if possible you probably want to also keep it in a new like condition for the life of the unit.

Connect The Plumbing

Connect your pump and hose connections to the main unit according to your owners manual.

This is an easy process, but make sure that all your hoses are snug and clamps have been fastened to prevent any drips or leaks once it is full of water.

Make sure that you have placed it in a location that is about 6 feet away from a 110-Volt standard wall outlet. Do not plug it in until you have completely filled the tub with water.

Don’t Forget The Safety Straps – Before Adding Water

The safety straps that come with your Softub go beneath the bottom in a plus sign formation. If you do not do this step before adding water, you will not be able to do this until you drain the water and start over.

While this is not required for it to function properly, it is necessary for child safety. The straps that go under the Softub snap to the cover once placed on top and lock with a combination lock to avoid unwanted entry or possible drowning by not allowing it to be open without knowing the lock code.

Also before adding water place the cover on top of the Softub. Attempt to lock all four of the combination locks in place. This will make sure that you have them all lined up properly so that they can be utilized once the water has been filled.

If you cannot get all of the straps to reach the connectors, move them around accordingly until you are able to lock each one without any issues.

Removing Wrinkles

As you begin to fill your Softub with water it will not take very long before a couple inches of water has already began to fill the bottom. At this time press firmly on the bottom of the liner to push out any wrinkles.

Pressing from the center toward the outside walls tends to work the best. If available, adding warm water will also help in removing wrinkles, however I have always added tap temperature water from the water spout and have had no issues getting a perfectly smooth bottom.

If you wait until there are several inches of water in the tub before attempting this, you will have a much harder time and the weight of the water may make it impossible to move the liner and the wrinkles will not be able to be smoothed out.

Don’t Leave It Unattended

Once you have a wrinkle free bottom and are awaiting for the remainder of it to fill up, stay close by and monitor the progress. Unlike a swimming pool where you can place the hose in the pool and leave it awhile, your Softub will overflow quickly.

When To Power It On?

While the water is being filled, leave the unit unplugged until the water level as risen past all the jets in the Softub.

After the highest jet has at least one inch above it you can safely plug in your Softub power cord. Now set the temperature to your desired setting and wait for it to warm up.

It can take 12 to 48 hours to heat to the chosen setting depending on the model that you own.

How Long Before You Should Drain And Refill?

You can easily maintain your Softubs water for a few months with normal use and proper care prior to changing the water. Be sure and check your waters chlorine and pH level at least once per week and adjust it as necessary.

Maintain between 1 and 5 parts per million for your chlorine levels which will help fight off algae and other bacteria that can cause your water to become green, slimy and dirty.

You can also add a spa frog which will continuously add minerals to the water and lasts about 4 months between changes. You simply place in your filter and it will help maintain your pools cleanliness while requiring less amounts of chlorine.

You Will Know When It Needs Drained

You will begin to notice signs that you may feel the need to change the water. If the water begins to look dirty, smell different or isn’t as clear as it used to be, it is probably time go ahead and drain the water for a cleaning.

Create A Routine Cleaning Schedule

Another approach that you may use is to do a quarterly cleaning. Schedule these dates on your calendar and drain and refill every January, April, July and October.

Make it a point to drain and clean it during each of these months and you should have no problems keeping a clean and clear Softub year round with standard weekly maintance.

If you have a heavier than normal use period between these regular routine water changes, it still may be necessary on occasion to change the water sooner in these circumstances.


Your Softub is going to fill up with water really fast. This makes it one of the most convenient and portable options when it comes to hot tubs makes and models.

You can drain it and have it refilled from start to finish in just about an hour during a cleaning process and already have it reheating for your next luxurious hydrotherapy massage.

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