How Often Should You Change Your Softub Water?

When you use your Softub you may begin to notice the water overtime starts to become slightly cloudy and at times begin to develop an unpleasant smell. This can be caused by a chemical imbalance, heavy usage or water that simply needs to be changed.

There are a few factors that go into determining whether or not it is time for a routine water change, but there are a few things you can do to know when it is time for some fresh water.

Change your Softub water every 8 to 12 weeks to keep a crystal clear and fresh spa experience year round. This will help keep your chemical odors reduced and the water balance easy to manage. For users that do not use it that often can get by with changing the water only 2 to 3 times per year as stated in the owners manual, however for owners that are doing hydrotherapy several times a week should change it much more frequently.

The actual time between water changes will vary based on individual usage and chemical maintenance. If you and your family are in it daily, following the owner manuals guidance of draining and refilling it just a couple times per year will be inadequate.

Regular Maintenance

The most important steps to allow your water to last a long time is to follow regular maintenance guidelines. By keeping your chlorine and other chemicals at the proper levels, it will help reduce the number of times you have to change your water.

If you have changed your water is also is important to do some immediate steps to get your water off to a great start.

Once you have filled your Softub with water, add some chemicals right away to begin balancing your water. The first thing you should add after a water change is Metal eliminator.

Metal Remover

Failure to add this chemical can cause your Softub pump to corrode and begin to stain your liner. It doesn’t take very much to treat your water and it can be added as the water is being filled.

Softcare Metal Gon Dosage
Add this into your water first thing after doing a complete water change.

T-1405 Ounces
T-2207 Ounces
T-30010 Ounces

As you add fresh water to your already filed Softub, you may need to add about 1 ounce per 100 gallons of water as well. For water with extreme metal content, a little extra may be needed.


You need to add chlorine granules after you fill your water as well regularly to help maintain the cleanliness of the spa.

It should be added at an increment of 1/2 teaspoon per 100 gallons of water after you have initially filled it up with water. This dosage can also be used for routine maintenance to keep your chlorine water between 3 – 5 ppm.

Softcare Chlorine Granule Dosage
This is a rough guidance for regular chlorine maintenance. For heavier usage, extra will be needed.

T-1403/4 TSP
T-2201 TSP
T-3001.5 TSP

If you use your spa every day, you may need to double this dosage to about 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons of water. Flagyl online order. It is best to run the water 15 minutes after adding and check your chlorine levels with a test strip. Add a little more if needed and avoid entering if chlorine is over 5 ppm until it has fail into the safe range.

Also be sure and never use Bromine in your Softub. It will void you warranty.

pH and Alkalinity

After you have changed your water you will want to check the pH and Alkalinity of your water. This normally can be done at the same time you check your chlorine levels.

It is best to allow your pumps water to circulate for a little while before checking and adjusting your pH.

If your waters balance is off, it can cause your water to become cloudy and make it appear your water needs to be changed, when it is simply a chemical imbalance.

pH range7.2 – 7.6 ppm
Alkalinity range80 – 125 ppm

By checking your chemical levels at least once per week and maintaining the recommended settings will help lengthen the time required between water changes and allow for a more enjoyable relaxation in the spa.


The 2nd most common reason for more frequent water changes is the amount of usage your spa gets on a weekly basis.

If you are like me and my wife, it isn’t uncommon for us to soak in our Softub several times a week and on some days a few times in just one day. Early morning, late evening just before bed and maybe even during mid-day.

We also have a grand child that occasionally wants to hop in as well as other friends and family. This does cause it to get some quite high usage and because of that will require the water to be changed quicker than someone that may only use it on weekends or special occasions.


Depending on the season and weather may increase or decrease your usage. During the summer you may use a swimming pool more than a hot spa and in the winter the other way around.

This can allow the water to last much longer in the summer months when you may be using it less. However if you do use it less during a particular time of year, do not forget to follow through with regular maintenance even when it is not in use to avoid having the water turn foul and require draining.


Lastly, one of the best things you can do is come up with a water changing schedule. By doing this you will know when the last time was that you changed your water and about the time you expect to change it again in the near future.

You can start by maintaining a quarterly schedule in which you decide to change your water 4 times a year such as every January, April, July and October so you have a plan in place.

This can be adjusted based on your usage and needs, but a plan is a great way to keep a water changing routine schedule.


Changing your water will vary based on each individuals usage. If your water has a foul odor, is becoming cloudy and less fresh looking it could be time for a water change.

Also if you use it frequently it is a good idea to create scheduled water changes throughout the year. It is very easy to drain and refill a Softub and a couple extra changes during the year will make a much more fun experience when using your spa.

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