Softub Jets Won’t Turn Off – How Do I Stop Them?

There are a few reasons that the jets need to run in your Softub. When the jets are turned on it allows the water to circulate throughout the pump and filtration system. This also allows any added chemicals to become mixed evenly in the water for balancing.

Another and more popular reason that the jets are turned on is for relaxation, hydrotherapy and a nice massage.

Once you have completed your experience in the Softub, you might notice that you are unable to turn off the jets. There are a few reasons this might occur.

The Softub jets can be turned off by touching the Jets button on the control panel as long as it has reached the set temperature. If while the jets are running the heat falls more than 2 degrees below the set temperature, the heater light will illuminate and the jets will continue to run until the desired temperature has been reached then the jets will automatically turn off.

When Will Jets Turn Off?


The jets on the Softub will turn off after 15 minutes of continuous use as long as the heat of the water has reached the set temperature you have chosen for the unit.

If you were planning on staying in the Softub for more than 15 minutes, all you need to do is press the Jets button to turn it back on and it will run for an additional 15 minutes before it shuts off.

This auto shut off feature helps to prevent the Softub from running the pump for prolonged periods of time when not in use.

It is also an ideal set time for adding chemicals. If you have just added some chlorine or other product into your pools water for balancing, turn on the jets and let it run without worrying about turning it off. It will automatically do that for you.


If you have finished using your Softub and have got out of the water, you can press the Jets button on the control panel to turn them off. This will not work however, if the water temperature is in the process of heating. In this case, the water will turn off once the desired temperature has been met.

Water Is Being Heated – Can’t Turn Off

This is the case quite often once you jump in your Softub. The cover keeps the water warm and toasty without being turned on for hours. However, once your remove the cover, turn the jets on and activate the air valve, the temperature will begin to fall.

This can in many cases trigger the heating function to become activated as the water has fell below the set temp. Once this happens it will have to re-heat to the set temperature.

The water will usually heat at a rate of anywhere between 1 and 3 degrees per hour depending on the model, weather, and size you have. Once it has reached the setting you have it set to, the pump and jets will turn off.

If you want the jets off while it is heating, you can adjust the temperature on the control panel to a cooler setting. Once you set it to a setting that is less than the actual water temperature the heater will turn off and you can then turn the Jets off.

How To Turn Off The Air To The Jets?

The air valve can be rotated on and off to add air that will flow through the return jets giving you the bubbly water and therapy you are looking for while laying in your Softub.

To turn off the air simply turn the valve to the right position on the control panel and the jets will remain on, however there will be no air flowing through the returns. This will give a very calm presence in the water while still having the jets circulate water.

When Should You Turn The Air Valve Off?

While It Is Being Heated

The Softub will heat quicker if the air is turned off while it is heating because the air causes it to put a cool touch on the water.

Now while it is in use, continue using the air even while it is being heated for your enjoyment. The water will continue to warm up while in use, however once you are no longer using it turn the air valve to the off position.

Turning the air off and covering it during the heat cycle will decrease the length of time it will take to reach its desired level.

After Adding Chemicals

This is really up to you, but you do not need the air on full blast after adding chemicals into the water. Make sure the jets are turned on and let it run for at least 15 minutes (until it auto shutoffs) and that will be enough to get them mixed up and dissolved in the water.

Calm Relax Soaking

Sure, most of the time you enter your Softub the first thing you want to do is turn on the jets followed by the air for the most ultimate experience. There are times however that a calm hot soaking is needed.

This can be after being in it for awhile and you just want to turn the air down or completely off for awhile, or even after just entering. It is completely up to. Enjoy it the way that you want, calm or bubbly!

When Does The Jets Automatically Turn On?

Now as the Softub has features in place so that the jets will turn off on their own after a period of time, it will also turn on when not in use for a specified period of time.

If you are an avid Softub user and use it day and night, you will rarely run into a situation where you actually see it turn on without you pressing the Jets button on the control panel.

This is because the heater must have not been activated for 12 hours straight before it will automatically be put in filtration mode.

Filtration Mode

There is a filter light on Softub units. Some people believe this lights up to let you know when your filter needs changed, but that is not true.

The filtration light will illuminate every 12 hours if the heater has not been adjusted or the the heater has not been activated when in use. Once the filtration light comes on it will run for 15 minutes as well as checking the waters current temperature.

If the temperature is more than 2 degrees cooler than what it is set to, it will begin to heat until it reaches the set temperature.

This allows for an efficient and effective way to keep your water circulated and temperature checked 2 times per day. If you however use it often, there is no need for it to run filtration mode and will not automatically activate the jets..


The Softub has excellence features in place that makes it easy and automated so that the user doesn’t have to worry about much at all.

If you get in and out of it and forget about turning off the jets, it will take care of that for you and if you are unable to get them to turn off it is because it is busy heating up the water.

Simply put, if you are unable to get the jets to turn off, don’t worry about and they will go in sleep mode as soon as it gets to the proper settings that you enjoy when using.

Don’t forget to place the cover on, turn the air valve off and it will do the rest.

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