Blue Wave Winter Cover Seal For Above Ground Pools Review

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When it comes to closing your swimming pool for the season there are a few things you must do before you can call the season completely over.

One of the things you should always do is cover your swimming pool with a pool cover. Ignoring this step could be costly as debris, live animals, insects and even damage could occur inside your pool.

If you have ever used a standard pool cover, you realize that the wind will pick the edges of the cover up and cause them to flap like a birds wing during the wintry weather. This puts strain on your cover and allows dirt and dust to enter the water as it is being lifted on the edge by the winds.

Seal The Cover Around The Pool

One solution I have found is this Blue Wave Winter Cover Seal, click here to check current Amazon price, which you place on the pool after you have the cover already installed over the water.

The Seal is basically like a saran wrap that is wrapped all the way around the edge of your above ground swimming pool cover. It acts as a wind barrier to your cover and prevents it from lifting during moderate and heavy winds.

This will significantly decrease the amount of unwanted dirt, grass and other foreign objects from entering your pool water and making the next season a much more enjoyable one during the beginning of the season.


  • Reduce dirt from becoming present in the pool during the winter months when it is not being used.
  • Prevent the pool cover from having excess strain, damage and tears from heavy winds.
  • Stops the pool cover cable from grazing the pool cover or metal parts of the pool.
  • Made from recyclable material. When you remove it at the beginning of the next season, you can recycle it rather than having it go to a landfill.

Pro Tip

Do not try to install the Winter Cover Seal alone. It is a two person task, or maybe even three. One person will need to hold the end of the “like saran wrap seal” and place it on the edge of the swimming pool at the top.

Another person will then begin walking around the pool, pulling it tight at the same time. Once a complete circle has been made, repeat the process until the entire roll has been used.

Failure to make a tight and snug fit will decrease the chance of it lasting the entire winter season.

Final Thoughts

When I first purchased the Blue Wave Winter Cover Seal I was skeptical. Even after placing it on the pool it had the look and feel that it was going to be blown away during the first high winds, but I could have never been more wrong.

Several months after closing the pool and several rain events including heavy winds and flooding the seal is still on the pool cover all the way around. Be sure you get a tight fit and you should be good. Although, mother nature has a way with things and it is possible during an extreme weather event it could be more than it can overcome.

I will definitely use it at the end of every season going forward and recommend it for all swimming pool owners. It also makes the pool look quite nice during the off season.

Below is a video from my YouTube Channel where I showed the cover over the pool a couple months after it was installed and it showed no sign of being blown off yet!


Brand: Bluewave

Weight: 1.94 LB

Model: NW174

Size: 500 Foot Roll

MFG: Dirt Defender

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